Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spank your inner moppet


It's time to start Mostly Filler Season 2. Had a bit of a hiatus, but now I regale you with my brilliant philosophical musings once again.

Mostly Filler, Installment 13
2:1 When She Was Bad
she's possessed you say
Cordy says get over it
shopping didn't help
Funniest Moment:
There are some things I can just smell. It's like a sixth sense.
No, actually, that would be one of the five.
Favorite Character: Giles
I have to admit that at this moment in time, I might very well pick Giles as my favorite character in any episode. I'm on a real Giles kick right now. I even had a dream this week that I talked him into singing in my choir. Now, how fabulous would that be? But I digress.
Our librarian is extra lovable in this episode. His interactions with Jenny, Principal Snyder, and the kids show so much of his personality and make him a well-rounded character with lots going on.
Best Dressed: Buffy
I so love this outfit. I've heard you're not supposed to mix neutrals, but I adore the gray pants with the tan bag. And you wouldn't think that a plain white tank top (yes, I know the name for those, and I'm not using it) would be the order of the day with what are essentially really hip business suit slacks. But on our little Buffy it works. Tres chic.
Worst Dressed: Jenny
This is no good. It's mostly the hair.
Musings, in no particular order:
  • Willow and Xander - why are they out walking at night in Sunnydale?? And as I continue to root for the two of them to get together, I am once again disappointed.
  • I love the reintroduction of all the characters. One (or two) at a time they show up, and within a brief moment remind us exactly who they are. Cordelia: No one has suffered like I have suffered. I'm especially happy to see Jenny, and at this point we can still block out the upcoming badness and blithely think she's going to be around to have Giles' babies in a few years. (Let's take a moment and imagine how fabulous their kids would be...)
  • Despair is for the living. Now there's a quote.
  • One of the wonderful aspects of Buffy is the clever portrayal of universal issues, those feelings that we all have all the time. Like Buffy's daydream about the Master being disguised as her watcher and her friends completely ignoring the whole scene. And Buffy's defensive wall with Angel. Loneliness, paranoia, emotional self-preservation, it's all there. Oh, the angst...
  • I usually sympathize with, well, everyone else, but I actually found some tenderness in my heart for poor Buffy this time. She's got a rough gig.
  • I decidedly do not like Cibo Matto. Clog dancing would be an improvement.
  • The phrase from this episode that has made its way into the regular vocabularies of several friends and me is it's entirely pointy.


The fan art vibe just isn't happening this week, so here are just a few

When She Was Bad Icon Bases (shareable)


When She Was Bad Drabble

Mr. Giles watched with contained concern as Buffy, his slayer, his responsibility, punched and kicked the training equipment to shreds. Ripper remembered those feelings, the out-of-control hormones, the inability to rein in one’s emotions, the fear that everything would unravel at any moment, that an unstoppable demon would appear. But he had been an irresponsible, arrogant teenager who, with the help of some equally immature peers, had brought his problems on himself. The girl near tears in front of him, on the other hand, had done nothing to deserve this but be born and grow up to save the world.


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Credits: screencaps from screencap-paradise.