Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Actually, I think he makes his own drums.

Mostly Filler, Installment 38
3:4 Beauty and the Beasts


oz angel pete faith
jekylls and hydes back and forth
who's beauty who's beast


Funniest Moment:

I may be a cold-blooded jelly doughnut, but...

Oz just has such perfect deadpan humor. I love his character.


Favorite Character: Willow

I love the way she's growing into herself. She's so suave about having a boyfriend now - a werewolf, no less. But she goes from suave to insecure in an instant. She's just so believable at the full range of emotions.


Best Dressed: Xander

It's the hotness factor. Has Cordy started dressing him?

Worst Dressed: Buffy



  • It's funny how Xander is still jealous of Willow and Oz. He's always going to want Willow and Buffy to be his no matter what.
  • Funny how Willow talks about Oz so casually - "...then he's a real wolfer..." like it's just no big.
  • What's with the weird smoking counselor??
  • Willow's Scooby lunchbox (at the morgue) is so adorable.
  • Steroids bad - check. Don't let your boyfriend beat you up - check. Smoking super bad - check. Yeah, this one's a little preachy.


Beauty and the Beasts wallpaper


Beauty and the Beasts drabble

It started with a trip, just for fun, to that weird little magic store place in town. They went in as a joke, to maybe find a hex and play a trick on Scott. Or get some rat eyes and jars of oogety boogety to mix in the old chemistry set beakers. They didn’t expect anything there to be real.

But then Pete started reading some of the so-called spell books and mixing up potions. He became obsessed, but the change happened so slowly, as changes sometimes do, that his friends didn’t notice anything wrong until it was too late.


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