Sunday, November 18, 2007

No one likes a non-budger

Mostly Filler, Installment 16
2:4 Inca Mummy Girl
Oz says who's that girl
why wouldn't he know Willow
the school ain't that big
Funniest Moment:
...she doesn't have to talk...
Funny in a that's-so-a-high-school-boy sort of way. I must say, I'm glad this kid didn't become a regular.
Favorite Character: Willow
To me, this whole episode is about Willow. My heart gets broken for the umpteenth time when she says "well, I didn't choose yet." Sigh. And then again when she tells Xander to go to the dance with Amapata. And then again when her costume is so flippin' adorable, but of course, as usual, she is uber-uncool. Sigh.
Best Dressed: Ampata
I just love this t-shirt and jeans. It's just simple and cute. I don't, however, understand where she got them. If this was their attempt at putting her in the boy clothes from her suitcase, it doesn't really work. That boy (before he got the life sucked out of him by ye olde mummy princesse would definitely not have fit into these petite, pegged jeans, sorry. Nonetheless, this outfit is adorable. Or perhaps any outfit would be adorable with that hair.
Worst Dressed: Willow
Overalls, bad shirt, bad hair. All around ugh.
Musings, in no particular order:
  • Ah yes, now I remember where I got the phrase "the uber-suck." I use it frequently, often to refer to Fox, the scary white house regime, and/or polymer clay fiascos.
  • Much of this episode makes very little sense and is, to say the least, contrived. However, one thing that does make sense is that fact that Buffy gets an exchange student, but Willow and Xander don't, considering that Willow's parents are too busy living in high-falutin' acadamia to pay attention to her, and Xander's parents are also occupied being drunks and such.
  • For some reason, the mummy eyes popping open make me giggle.
  • I'm so stuffy, give me a scone.
  • What's with Buffy and the belt skirts this episode? How many 3-inch long skirts does a girl need?
  • Holy racism in this episode, batman. Maybe she could translate the seal? Please. And don't get me started on Cordelia. They don't even speak American. Makes me think wouldn't it be nice if all bigotry were this blatant? It's the subtle stuff that's hard to deal with.
  • Is this the first time we see Dingoes? I want a rock band. I am a somewhat serious musician, I have two wonderful singing groups which I love and cherish. I teach lessons and write music. And yet, I want a rock band. Is there anyone on earth who doesn't want a rock band? Gentle viewer, do you want a rock band?
  • Enter Jonathan. He's fun. I love the way he just pops up for a few seconds at random in episodes.


Inca Mummy Girl Wallpaper (shareable)

Inca Mummy Girl Drabble
She’s not the kind of girl who I think about her lips that much.

It’s not like he hasn’t said it before, a hundred ways. So why does she let it get her every time? Why hasn’t she found a way to protect herself yet? She should know he’s got bad taste. So if he fell for her all of a sudden, what would that say about her? Bad news.

Love? Crush? Obsession? It doesn’t matter which, the result is the same. She knew she’d have to let it go eventually. But not quite yet. Longing was better than not.
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Neither creamy nor rinse-y

Mostly Filler, Installment 15
2:3 School Hard


bye bye anointed
hello blondie bear and dru
home sweet bloody home

Funniest Moment:

...and could you please send some aspirin...

Favorite Character: Spike

Well, duh. Spike to me is like one of those things you didn't know you were missing until it shows up, and then it turns out you can't live without it. This is our first foray into the world of soulless beast in a relationship, which makes said soulless beast all the creepier. Plus, he's such a screw-up, and that is just fun. He shows up all macho and take-charge-y, and then proceeds to begin his long streak of mucking things up.

Best Dressed: Spike

I love that red shirt, and I just want to touch it. It's got the whole monochrome stripey thing going on. I love that.

Worst Dressed: Buffy
There are no words. Plus, this screenshot doesn't even show the shoes. Eegads.

Musings, in no particular order

  • As I may have mentioned earlier, the arrival of Spike (and Drusilla) is an occasion of celebration which fills me with glee and anticipation.
  • Sheila. I would have liked to keep her around, either vamped or not. She could have been a fun character, maybe even a potential at some point.
  • Why does Spike say Home sweet home? Is it just the hellmouth vibe, or was he in Sunnydale previously?
  • Joyce, while I do love her character, is awfully pedantic and un-hip in this episode. I guess she's struggling with her denial issues and second year in a new town without any friends issues and mother-of-a-teenager issues. Nonetheless, she should be cooler, and instead she's all lecture-y and drab.
  • A few moments of laughter: Xander's dancing, Buffy's je stink, Cordy's even slaves get minimum wage. And of course the Xander searching through purse for stake moment is pretty amusing.
  • I love the Nickel song Stupid Thing playing at the Bronze. Not so much the lame words, but the overall sound and feel.
  • The first words Spike speaks to Buffy: Nice work, love.
  • Jenny and Giles are starting to make an absolutely adorable couple.
  • Xander's comments that make him seem like a petty idiot start to really grate in this episode. Gah. Also, the Xander Angel rivalry is getting really old and kinda stupid.
  • I want that olive green dress that Willow wears to parent night.
  • I would have loved for Principal Snyder's character to get a little more depth like some of the other characters. I do like that we get the hint that just maybe he knows what's going on in Sunnydale.
  • What I think is the worst inconsistency issue in the whole series happens in this episode. Spike saying you were my sire to Angel. And they never really fix it or smooth over it when later it turns out that Drusilla was Spike's sire. Bugs me.

School Hard Wallpapers (shareable)


Giles hearts Jenny



School Hard Drabble

Her mom’s boyfriend was always telling her she’d go to hell for the way she acted. Little did he know. This wasn’t hell. This was power. She grinned and ran her fingers over her new fangs. This was the life. Now everything was going to change. No more teachers looking at her with that mixture of disappointment and fear. No more sit-ins with that little rodent they called the principal. No more cops at the door at odd hours of the night. She’d just help Spike out with this one thing, and then she was out of here. Maybe LA…