Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I know a beast who knows a guy

Mostly Filler, Installment 40
3:6 Band Candy


suburban mom plus
librarian watcher make
the sixties appear


Funniest Moment:

Hee hee! Willow is so cute in the driving scene. Reminds me of how my sister is always saying, "We are gonna die!" when I drive.


Favorite Character: Giles
Or Ripper, I suppose. This episode gives us the character we've been longing for ever since the Eyghon episode. If anyone managed to not be in love with Giles up until this point, there's no hope after it.


Best Dressed: Cordelia

This isn't the best screencap, but this is a typical adorable Cordy outfit. Plaid skirt, love it!

Worst Dressed: Joyce

I guess it's not so so bad, but I just want Joyce to be hipper than this. She is an art gallery chick, after all.



  • Studying for the SATs in a cemetery pretty much tells the story of the whole series - slayering superimposed over life. Great scene.
  • Angel - I try so hard to care about him, and I just can't. Meh. I do, however, LOVE the music behind Angel's little exercise montage.
  • Principal Snyder and the Mayor are both such brilliant characters, and both are played flawlessly. Love love love.
  • Joyce and Giles both have fabulous hair.
  • I bet this episode was way fun to make for the actors.
  • The mailman sitting in the playground reading people's mail is so hilarious. Makes me laugh every time. I have no love for the USPS, so mailmen behaving badly is fun for me.
  • One of my favorite lines of Buffy speak is in this episode. I use it all the time. "...somewhere that's else."
  • I always wish we could have had Giles/Joyce for real. They would have been a great couple.
  • This is one of my favorite episodes. It's just so much fun. And so many fabulous quotations: What? I can't have layers? Those tall, fuzzy hats ain't cheap. But they go with everything. I think that is my doctor. He's usually less topless. Summers, you drive like a spaz!


Band Candy icons and wallpaper


Band Candy Drabble

"So, why do they call you Ripper?" Joyce asked afterwards.

The part of Giles’ brain that had up until just recently been trying to take back control had disappeared. Not exactly like losing a soul, but…

The words "I was an adventurous lad in my youth, you see, and my chosen comrades were not such that my responsible side often won out" did not form like they should have, and did definitely not make it to the outside air.

Nope. Instead, our Rupert just grinned a devilish grin, leaned back, and struck a match on the sole of his shoe.


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