Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Slayerfest 1998

Mostly Filler, Installment 39
3:5 Homecoming


red and green dresses
really bad breakup outfit
the clothes distract me

Funniest Moment:

Faith gets a little revenge for Buffy. Gotta love it.
Favorite Character: Xander

He's just so sweet and adorable.
Best Dressed: Willow

The black dress will always win in my book.

Worst Dressed: Buffy

So, so hideous. All that pink. And the shoes. And the honkin' big purse. Make it stop.



  • Oz is so adorable. The whole opening scene is lovely.
  • I can't really care about Buffy/Scott. I guess we're not supposed to.
  • I still miss Jenny.
  • Some awesome lines in this one -- Just because you were guacamole queen when you were three... You've awakened the prom queen within. There'll be no more fluking! She's a slayer; I'm a homecoming queen.
  • I love that we finally get Willow/Xander, even though it's short-lived.
  • Xander is seriously sexy this season -- really not ever before or after, IMO.
  • This is the best episode for outfits. So many fabulous ones!
  • What was homecoming like at your school? I don't even remember back that far.
  • I absolutely love that Giles assumes Buffy will win. Sweet, precious Giles.
  • Trick is a fun, creepy character. Best Trick quote: That all got old long before I became a vampire.
  • I'm glad neither Cordy nor Buffy won homecoming queen.
  • The Mayor is waaaaay creepy.

Homecoming icons

Homecoming drabble

Faith was thinking she might just fit in here. So what if they were all actually enrolled in high school, taking classes, getting ready to graduate, dating, having fun? So what if all they had to worry about was what to wear to homecoming and getting their smiling yearbook pictures taken? So what if Buffy’s friends were, well, Buffy’s friends? Whatever. It’s not like she needed a posse. And the watcher seemed decent, like he could take care of both of them. Not that she needed taking care of. Faith would do just fine here. She was five by five.

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