Monday, October 22, 2007

Do I deconstruct your segues?

Mostly Filler, Installment 14
2:2 Some Assembly Required
Zombies? Demons? Nope.
Just two ghoulish nerdy kids
a bit misguided.
Funniest Moment:
Uh, zombies, more likely. For most traditional purposes a voodoo priest would require more than one.
Well, sure, for most "traditional" purposes. Duh.
Favorite Character: Giles
He's like a teenager himself, trying so hard to impress miss Calendar. It's just cute. Plus, his nerdy knowledge of all things zombie.
Best Dressed: Jenny
I adore every single stitch of this outfit. First of all, the lace shirt is absolutely to die for. So pretty. Khakis are always of the good. The cut of the jacket is perfection. And I know my lack of fashion sense is showing here, but I think that belt is adorable. And the necklace matches the belt in a circly sort of way, which is cool.
Worst Dressed: Giles

I take serious issue with that pink vest. Not because I think men shouldn't wear pink. I just don't like it. That is all.

Musings, in no particular order:
  • OK, here's the thing. This episode has what we Americans call issues - most prominently, the inconsistencies out the oiseau. 1. Grave robbing - why on earth would they have left one open for Buffy to fall into and the other one completely closed up and re-buried for Giles and Xander to dig up? 2. Vampire rising - how the heck long does it take for a vamp to rise? Sometimes it takes overnight, sometimes a few days, sometimes ten minutes. Does anyone know the rules here? I would really like to know, because I don't get it. 3. Locker pictures - come on, seriously, that kid would not have had the picture of building the girl on his locker door. He just wouldn't. Not because he'd be afraid of someone seeing it, but because boys like that do not hang pictures in their lockers. 4. And last and also least, why the frilly heck is Giles wearing gloves to the football game? It's not cold.
  • Angel is lame and bloody stupid in this episode. Just sayin'.
  • I don't recall my high school ever having a science fair. Is this a real phenomenon? Did your school have science fairs? Did everyone have to participate? Do tell.
  • I will admit, despite its issues, this episode does have some funny lines. It's a fruit. (Willow) dig up the corpses and women have the babies. (Buffy) Miss Calendar's my father. (Jenny)
  • The general and persistent ignoring of poor Cordelia in this episode amuses me. I like the idea that we all have our places where we are the uber-cool (well, we do if we're lucky), but move us to somewhere that's else and perhaps even the most popular of us become ignored nobodies.
  • I like that Giles gets to start being a real person on a date. And I like the irony of him trying to mix his sacred duty with a social life much in the way our heroine is constantly attempting (and usually failing) to do.
  • I liked Chris a lot. Wish they would have kept him as a recurring minor character. There could have been some great story line there.


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Some Assembly Required Drabble

Rules? Why were there rules?

Chris remembered his mom. How she used to be happy. She was on the PTA. She wore lipstick and cooked casseroles for dinner. She cheered at the football games and called Aunt Maddie when Eric won the science fair. She fed the cat and yelled at Daryl to take out the trash. She bought girl scout cookies from the neighbor kid and perused tabloids in the check-out line.

Chris wanted to bring her downstairs, give her son back, make her happy again.

But Daryl said no, they couldn’t tell her. That was breaking the rules.


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