Friday, February 23, 2007

Buffy Tarot Cards

Ever since I found the screen cap paradise site, I've been working on a new set of Buffy tarot cards. Here are links to the artwork - 78 little collages. If you know how to use tarot cards and you have lots of printer ink, feel free to print these out and use them. Meanings and commentary for each card will follow shortly (or eventually).

0. The Fool (Harmony)
1. The Magician (Ethan)
2. The High Priestess (Willow)
3. The Empress (Joyce)
4. The Emperor (Giles)
5. The Hierophant (Quentin Travers)
6. The Lover (Amy)
7. The Chariot (Caleb)
8. Justice (Jenny)
9. The Hermit (Andrew)
10. The Wheel of Fortune (Kendra)
11. Strength (Kennedy)
12. The Hanged Man (Faith)
13. Death (The Master)
14. Temperance (Olivia)
15. The Devil (The First)
16. The Tower (Glory)
17. The Star (Dawn)
18. The Moon (Incan Mummy Princess)
19. The Sun (Robin Wood)


Clayton said...

hahahahaha that's good! That's practically every character! A lot of screen shots to

ricky said...

these are AWESOME! definitely need to get my hands on em. in other news, apparently sarah michelle geller is in negotiations with warner brothers to star guessed it..a buffy movie!

DC Corso said...

Just stumbled upon this site and am really enjoying the recaps; but these tarot cards are AWESOME! Have you printed any and come up with a front design? I currently use my Dave McKean Vertigo tarot deck but your set makes it easier to remember the meanings for me...Great work!

The Eclectic Geek said...

I too just sort of stumbled over this posting. Been checking out a lot of sites and decks researching a writing project.

While I admit some of the choices aren't what I would have gone with myself, Faith as The Hanged Man is just brilliant.

Anonymous said...

These are awesome! Very cool character choices for the diff cards!

tarot reading said...

I like this deck, it can really be used in tarot reading.