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Aren't you just going oooo?

Welcome to the very first installment of what promises to be a Buffy Blogging Extravaganza like no other. Sure, I know, lots of people have blogged or otherwise published their Buffy episode guides for the enjoyment of readers everywhere. But since there can never, you heard me, NEVER, be too much Buffy, welcome to MY episode guide, Mostly Filler, which will contain a fun combination of musings, quotes, art, drabble, best and worst dressed, and - you guessed it - haiku! Thanks for reading, comments are welcomed and appreciated, and please sign up to your right to get regular updates by email, because I know you'd hate to miss a single episode.


Mostly Filler, Installment #1
1:1 Welcome to the Hellmouth


dead guy in locker

no no not again says buff

but she's the chosen


Funniest Moment:

"What did you do, send away for the Time Life series?"

"Actually, yes."

And this is the moment I fell in love with Giles. Oh Mr. Giles, you are so suave, so nerdy, so fashion challenged, and so British. Rupert, I will love you with all my heart forever. Or, um, until Spike shows up...


Favorite Character: Cordelia

What?? OK, well, she wouldn't have been my favorite after the first watching, but we're on about number 42 now, and my perspective has changed. Knowing how our Cordy will grow later makes her all the more charming now. And she is the first "love to hate" character to show up. So far we're sympathetic to everyone else. Aw, Joyce, you're starting over and doing your bestest to be a good mom. Aw, Willow, you're an unloved geek. Aw, Xander and Jesse, I remember what it was like to be a social outcast. The Aw list goes on. But Cordelia ain't on it. Plus she's got some really great lines. "Morbid much?" "Way dead." (And the great tradition of Buffy-speak begins!) "I don't mean to interrupt your downward mobility, but I just wanted to tell you that you won't be meeting Coach Foster, the one with the chest hair, due to the extreme dead guy in the locker."


Best Dressed: The Master

Whoa, holy Hitler outfit, yikes. Plus, it's obviously been sprayed with that stain repellant stuff, as evidenced by the way he rises from the pool of blood without so much as a drip.

Worst Dressed: unnamed "black death" teacher


(BTW, second place here goes to Buffy herself - what is with that honkin' purple ring??)


Musings, in no particular order

  • Since when do kids check out textbooks for class from the library? Is this normal?

  • Joyce, dear, your kid burned down a gym not too long ago. Why is she allowed to go to a club right off the bat? And furthermore, why is there a club with kids and grownups at it? Is this normal? Perhaps it is and I just don't know about it because I lead a sheltered life. Or perhaps it's a California thing?

  • Why is it that in all TV classrooms the bell rings in the middle of a sentence and class ends? The teachers I had were all a little more organized than that. Just sayin'.

  • Intro to Willow, and you see right off the bat that she's in love with Xander. Oh, the angst. Just you wait, girl. Better times a-comin'. You don't know it now, but you're going to snag the coolest boyfriend AND the coolest girlfriend.

  • Principal Flutie, what's with the high-pitched girlie voice?

  • It floors me how good the writing is right off the bat and how well the personalities are established by what they say. Xander: Very suave, very not pathetic. Cordy: John Tesh? Buffy: The devil. (well duh!) Willow: Aren't you hanging out with Cordelia? Buffy: Can't I do both? Willow: Not legally. Xander: ...building a really little fence. Cordy: I have to call everyone I have ever met right now. Buffy: Can you vague that up for me? Buffy: It's a whole big sucking thing.

  • I didn't actually know what the Watchtower was, and yikes, now I'm sorry I looked it up. Scary religious people. Ugh.

  • The Master has slightly pointy ears. Is he part Vulcan? Hmmm.

  • Foreshadowing - Buffy: It's not like I have all these fluffy bunny feelings for them...

  • Angel is so boring at this point he's hardly worth a bullet point. Except to say that he looks soooo young, and he ages a whole bunch in later seasons. But they do a pretty good job of keeping him looking the same age after the first season.

  • The memory I get from this episode is back in high school, never being able to remember my gym locker combination. Seriously, I never could, and I hated gym so much and was so scared of the gym teachers that it was just a nightmare. I would write it down and then lose it. Gym class=major trauma. God, it's good to be old and have the badness that was high school and college fade more and more each day.


Welcome to the Hellmouth Icons (shareable for anyone who wants them)


Welcome to the Hellmouth Drabble (which, by the way, for any non-internet-junkies among you, is a little fiction of exactly 100 words)

Giles’ thoughts after meeting Buffy
Dear Lord, I traveled 7000 bloody miles* for this? She’s obviously not had any proper training. What does she mean retired? Wouldn’t you think with a calling as important as hers she might dress sensibly? And this weather. I have yet to see a raindrop. It’s a wonder everyone here hasn’t gone blind from the incessant brightness. Furthermore, I can’t remember when I last had a decent cup of tea. I should have just let the council send that Wyndham-Price fellow like they wanted to. Ah well, I expect she’ll come around. And at least no students visit the library.

*Here's a funny: Go to Google maps and type in "los angeles california to london England" – read number 30.


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