Saturday, January 5, 2008

Don't be sorry. Be Giles.

Mostly Filler, Installment 20
2:8 The Dark Age


school on saturday
ethan - comic or tragic?
buffy, meet ripper


Funniest Moment:

Why does he call him Ripper?... Oh.


Favorite Character: Xander

When asked how he feels about snooping through Giles' personal files, Xander says, "I feel pretty good about it. Does that me me a sociopath?" And then I thought to myself, Xander is probably the least like a sociopath of anyone in the gang, and that made me laugh. The sparkage between he and Cordy is starting. He's starting to get confident and feel useful to the group. Xander is just such a solid character in this episode. Also, "Amy Yip at the waterslide park" makes me laugh every time. And the thing is, he's right - he's really not fickle. If given his choice, he would have chosen Buffy over anyone else at any point in all of seven seasons. I'm sure some would disagree with that assessment, but I'm sticking to it.


Best Dressed: Buffy

I love the fall leaves top. So lovely.

There is no worst dressed this time. Everyone is super cute, including Willow above and Xander and Cordy below.


Musings, in no particular order

  • Cordelia is so, well, Cordelia-like, and it's fun. I can take a hint. What's the hint? and This is what happens when you have school on Saturday.
  • Why on earth would the evening janitor think that Giles would still be in the library at that hour?
  • I love the Anywhere But Here game.
  • His diapers were tweed. Remember thinking that way in high school? All grown-ups, but especially teachers, were this species of otherness, and it was inconceivable that they hadn't just been hatched into middle-aged tedium right from the start.
  • Jenny - I can't stand her being a demon. Anyone else, but not her. No no no, make it stop.
  • Giles - stubbly, hot. That is all.
  • Angel's squooshy face when he's battling the demon is hilarious. It makes me want to go into photoshop and use that swirly tool.


The Dark Age Wallpaper and Banner (shareable)

(click for bigger)


The Dark Age Drabble

Buffy's Diary that Night

Today was kind of cool, actually. We were going to do some training, but we just talked. I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around it. Giles? A rebellious teenager? They don’t make rebellious teenagers like they used to, I guess. I think some kids at school smoke, maybe drink. And I’m sure there’s stuff I don’t know about. But raising demons? On purpose? So they can possess you? Yikes.
Still, it’s good to know Mr. Tweed has had some major mess-ups in his time. Maybe he’ll go a little easier on me next time I don’t quite measure up.

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