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Fish of the day?

Mostly Filler, Installment 25
2:13 Surprise
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cordy xander willow oz
couple-y goodness
Funniest Moment:
And they all just stop. (It's when our Buffy comes crashing through the wall and dusts one of the vampire lackeys.) Look at their expressions - so perfect. Let me fill in the missing dialogue for you here. Willow: Oh my god I can't believe this our first date and now with the vampire and the dust and why is this happening to me now he's gonna think we're freaks and... Xander: Yep, another one bites the proverbial dust. Buffy is so hot. Oz: Huh.
Favorite Character: Oz
It's so time for a new main character, and oh how I love him. He's just. so. cool.
Best Dressed: Drusilla
She has not one, but two, utterfly fabulous red dressed in this episode. Love.
Worst Dressed: Willow
I'm not saying it's not cute. I would never say that. But I don't like sweaters with dogs or dogs with sweaters. And I am unanimous in that.
Musings, in no particular order:
  • This is one of my top ten favorite episodes. There's just so much to love. Xander/Cordy, Willow/Oz, Jenny's a gypsy, Spike is back!
  • I love the dream sequence at the beginning. Every dream sequence in this entire series is made of awesome.
  • Oz: ..moving towards this new sound where we suck. That makes me laugh and feels rather familiar, actually.
  • It makes no sense whatsoever to me that Buffy's birthday party would be at the Bronze, but I will ignore this since this episode is so great.
  • I love Cordy's hair (not as much as she does, but still).
  • The vamp lackey nerd is so adorable.
  • Buffy: I should keep my slayer cool, but it's Angel, which automatically equals maxi-wig. There you have it. Total Buffyspeak all wrapped up in one convenient sentence.
  • Xander: ...I call him idiot Jed. Aw, so sad. And even sadder and a huge insight into his character in my opinion: (on the phone) Mom, hi... Xander. It's just not right - a mother should recognize her kid's voice on the phone. Poor guy.
  • I love how Cordelia is getting sucked into the Scooby gang. Try though she may, she just can't resist. Also her "Surprise!" is just so Cordy.
  • Buffy/Angel is finally interesting. Took a while.


Surprise Wallpapers (shareable, I got a little out of control on this one - so many couples!)

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Surprise Drabble

True happiness? He wouldn’t have even been able to define the words a day ago. He didn’t remember happiness. Or maybe you couldn’t remember something you’d never actually experienced. Sure there were girls, when he was human and when he was not. There were good times and dark Irish beer and ballets that brought him to tears. But happiness? Not so much.

And then in an instant everything changed. That moment when everything seems, no, is, clear. And good. And right. This was it. She was the one. His other half. Angel grinned. Everything would be different from now on.


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