Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'd still if you'd still

Mostly Filler, Installment 27
2:15 Phases
larry leaves closet
rupert is way too jolly
he'd still if she'd still
Funniest Moment:
It's just so... Oz.
Favorite Character: Willow
Again, she is perfect. Funny and emotional and real. I think this is her character's best season. The speech at Oz's house is brilliant.
Best Dressed: Willow
After those overalls, this is much preferable. And does her notebook actually match her outfit? Too cute.
Worst Dressed: also Willow
Have I mentioned how I feel about overalls?
  • There are some wonderful funny lines throughout this episode. A few of my favorites... Oz: You've really mastered the single entendre. Willow: 1-800 I'm dating a skanky ho. (Even typing that out makes me laugh out loud.) Cordelia: I think you splashed on just a little too much obsession for dorks. Buffy: Mein Furrier. Oz: ...only he used more words than that.
  • Where are they always getting the restraints in this show? Seriously, do most people keep a variety of heavy chains and locks and rope and metal restraints in their garages and I'm just out of the loop?
  • Xander really is, as Cordelia claims, "such a guy." Always wants what he can't have, regardless of the fact that he didn't want it when he could have had it. I guess that's not so much a guy thing as a human thing, eh?
  • When did Giles have time to pop out and get a tranq gun?
  • The whole Larry deal makes me laugh.
  • I'd still if you'd still. I'd still, I'd very still. This is in my top ten favorite scenes of all time. Aw.


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Phases Drabble
Sometimes she wished it could end. And yet everyone just kept going. Xander and Cordelia just kept going– ugh, she wasn’t sure how that had even started. Giles kept going, well watcher-ing, with his smiles and support, and it was too much. And she, the slayer, had to just keep slaying. Werewolf hunting. Running, chasing, fighting, staking. Studying, tossing, turning, crying. Waiting for the next disaster to come. Waiting until she was strong enough to do it.

So what if Willow’s boyfriend was a werewolf? Werewolf was better than evil, soulless fiend. Especially an evil, soulless fiend she still loved.
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I was scared that you had stopped your updates so it's a relief that they are here.

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