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Mostly Filler, Installment 34
2:22 Becoming, Part 2


angel, true love, meh
the beginning of spuffy
and willow's witching


Funniest Moment:

Well, they're in a band. Duh!


Favorite Character: Spike

He's my favorite in this one, because I love the contrast between the depth of personality seeping through and his total comical evilness. But it was hard to choose - I'm also totally in love with Buffy, Joyce, Giles and Dru in this episode.


Best dressed: Xander

Xander gets the best-dressed title whenever he doesn't wear yellow plaid with stripes. But seriously, I like this one. It's cozy.

Worst Dressed: Angelus

Well, the shirt looks like the pajamas. The pants are goofy. And that belt buckle? I know he's evil, but come on...



  • Where did all the cops come from? Who called them?
  • This episode's great strength is the trademark Buffy drama/comedy mix. It's this serious season finale with the heroine's true love being killed off, and then there are lines like, "...walking around like happy meals with legs," "Have we met?" "You hit me with an axe once..." and, my personal favorite, "I'm a slayer, not a postal worker!"
  • I'm not always a fan of Buffy's monologues (Spike's are better) but her speech to her mom about being the slayer is fabulous. "Do you think I chose this?" How many of us have been through just such a painful conversation?
  • I love how strong of a character Giles is. When he tells Angelus to perform the ritual in a tutu, I stand up and cheer (er, sorry if I woke you).
  • Is Cordelia's admission that running away was "not too brave" the beginning of her growing up? Maybe the scoobies are rubbing off a little.
  • I'm still confused at this point about how much Snyder actually knows. What does he mean when he wants the mayor to know he has good news? Could someone explain that to me?
  • Full of Grace as the music choice at the end really puts the frosting on this brilliant cake.


Becoming, Part 2 icons and banner (shareable)


Becoming, Part 2 Drabble

As she read the letter, the sadness quickly turned to anger. Not at Buffy, at herself. What kind of mother tells her daughter not to come back? What the hell kind of parenting was that? When did this get so hard? How could she not have known something was wrong, everything was wrong? How was it possible to be so stupid? She sat on the bed, tears rolling, questions filling her head so quickly she could hardly think.

Buffy. Buffy was a capable girl. She’d be OK. She was just angry. She’d be back.

Buffy. Tomorrow. Joyce closed her eyes.


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kudagirl said...

I love it when Spike tells Buffy "He's got your watcher." For some reason his accent just cracks me up. Then the whole scene of Joyce and Spike alone in the living room when Joyce finally realizes she has met Spike before is priceless.