Thursday, January 2, 2014

synchronized slaying

Well, it's like this. I abandoned this blog 5 years ago, and yet, my love for all things Buffy has not waned. I have a different perspective now, but I still love the show and the characters. So I think I will continue, sans the fanart, which I think I no longer have the brain power to make. Pity. Looking at the old posts makes me remember the fun. But anyway...
Mostly Filler, Installment 41
3:7 Revelations
watcher feels betrayed
faith's lipstick is awfully dark
there's guilt a-plenty
Funniest Moment:
Wow, this episode is humorless. But Willow makes cute faces.
Favorite Character: Buffy
I actually have a lot of sympathy for B in this episode. I totally get why she kept Angel's return a secret. You get so tired of the judgment, the looks from your so-called friends... ugh. Rational or not, I can't help being on her side for this one.
Best Dressed: Buffy
Love this. Supercute.
Worst Dressed: Also Buffy
Tank top bag shirt and winter hat? I don't get it.
  • I can't remember whether Gwendolyn Post fooled me on the first watching. Probably. I find myself wondering what happened to her to make her lose her marbles. She's funny because, in spite of having turned evil, she still has that whole watchers' council snobbery thing going.
  • I am so over the Buffy/Faith innuendo. Whatever. But on the other hand, I cannot stand to watch that fight scene. I do not want the slayers to beat each other up.
  • I'm still a fan of Willow/Xander. I never saw them as brother/sister and always wished they'd have a chance. But alas...
  • Does an intervention ever really work?
  • I wonder if someone other than Xander had been the one to see Angel first if things would have gone differently. Xander really never stops being a jealous ass for an entire 7 seasons. Interesting how he sticks up for Angel in front of Faith but blames Angel in front of Buffy. And I wonder whether Willow would have reacted differently if she hadn't been wrapped up in her own secret.
  • Why did Giles not suspect Angel's return when Buffy told him about her "dream?" He's usually more astute, right?
  • Many of the characters are at their most insipid in this episode - Angel, Faith, Xander, Cordy. Yet they're still all such sympathetic characters. Currently, I'm into season 2 of Dexter - everyone says to keep watching because it's such a great show. But I have yet to find even one character on that show sympathetic, thus I'm just not interested.
  • Still, after many years of Buffy watching, just cannot care that much about Buffy/Angel.
  • Buffy is awfully naïve, even if well-meaning, to tell Faith, "You can trust me." She has no concept of her own privilege in this situation, none whatsoever.

Revelations Drabble
OK, listen, I researched how to do this the right way. You have to use what’s called “I statements.” Otherwise the person feels like they’re being attacked.
Yeah, we did this for my Uncle Rory once. It so didn’t take.
I mean it, Xander. We have to help Buffy here. I’m sure she didn’t mean to… I mean, I’m sure she was planning to tell us as soon as she...
Yeah, no doubt. I mean, why wouldn’t she want to tell us Angelus was back? It’s not like he’s a cold-blooded murderer. Damn, how many lives does that guy have?

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