Sunday, January 5, 2014

we don't carry leprosy

Mostly Filler, Installment 42
3:8 Lover's Walk

buffy angel meh
what's classier than bowling
spike is back woohoo
Funniest Moment:
"We killed a homeless man on this bench. Me and Dru..." I know, this should not be funny, but Spike just is.
Favorite Character: so totally Spike
 Every time Spike arrives on the scene, stuff gets funny and poignant and layered all over the place. The Spike/Joyce dynamic is hilarious and darling, though one would think Joyce would be a little more cautious by now. No, never mind, one wouldn't. Spike's perspective on life is so fun. He, not unlike many of us, has a perfect grip on other people's situations (ie Buffy/Angel) but nary a clue about his own ("she didn't even care enough to cut off my head or set me on fire...").
Best Dressed: Willow
Purple adorableness.
Worst Dressed: Buffy
Exercise outfit of badness.
  • Spike is hilarious and terrifying all at once.
  • I think Buffy is offended that people (Giles, friends, her mom, even Angel) seem to think she could go to college and Faith could take her place. Even if she wants to leave, the idea that somehow she is expendable does not sit well.
  • I love how Oz keeps his cool throughout.
  • Is this the first time we actually see the magic shop? It's the first magic show owner bites the dust moment.
  • Holy carp, the mayor is creepy.
  • "Whoa, it smells like church in here. Wait... evil church." Is there any other kind?
  • I still think Allyson Hannigan is this show's best actor. I believe every moment from her.
  • The funeral mislead is just lame.
  • Though I don't care greatly about Buffy/Angel, I will admit that the, "tell me that you don't love me" at the end is sad. As is the picture of Oz with his guitar at the end. Sad sad sad.
Lover's Walk Drabble

“We don’t carry leprosy.” She giggled nervously while she tried not to look upstairs toward the more potent spell books. They did carry leprosy. And boils. And plagues. And all sorts of badness. But those were just for emergencies. Well, emergencies and very insistent customers. A few years ago there had been this group of lawyers from LA, very well-dressed, very insistent. She had sold them the books, leprosy and such. And some charms and objects she really shouldn’t have had in the shop. And an awful lot of eye of newt. But this guy? Nah, no leprosy for him.

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