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Willow, do shut up

Mostly Filler, Installment #10

1:10 Nightmares


astral projection

uncontrolled phobias leak

into Sunnydale


Funniest Moment:

Cordelia swears she's not even in the chess club.


Favorite Character: Giles

1. He's hot. 2. His nightmare is of Buffy dying. That breaks my heart every time. I love the progression of stuffy old Giles becoming "too emotionally involved," as he'll be fired for later, with the slayer. 3. His "aha!" moment is hilarious. 4. He's hot. 5. Giles all confuzzled because he's lost in the stacks and can't read is too adorable for words. 5. He's just really hot.


Best Dressed: Willow

Is is possible to be any cuter?

This outfit ranks high for me. Black and white is always good. Polka-dots are always good. Tights in bright colors are always good. The complementary red/green is very cool without being Christmasy.

Worst Dressed: Xander

Well, we're back to the shirts of weirdness, and not in a good way. And then to add insult to injury, the pants. Dear god, make it stop.


Musings, in no particular order

  • The dream episodes in general, are some of my favorite Joss-verse work. This one is so chock full of character development, and I love to be able to learn about the scooby psyches in a different way.

  • Why are tarantulas/spiders scary? Is that conditioned or genetic?

  • How did Laura (the smoking girl) survive the attack?

  • Any reader opinions on astral projection? I'm fairly sure I don't believe in vampires, but astral projection seems within the realm of possibility to me.

  • Oh, ouch to the scene with Buffy's father. The other nightmares are pretty out there and unlikely; this one is just around the corner. On the bright side, it helps cement the idea of Giles as Buffy's father figure, which is warm and comforting.

  • G: It's Billy. X: Well, that explanation was shorter than usual.

  • OK, so the blood, guts, gore, demons and general grossness of this whole series is somehow fine with me. Yet Xander talking with his mouth full of chocolate completely disgusts me so I have to cover my face with my hands and only look through the cracks. And also, I don't really get the whole chocolate bar deal. I guess maybe they represented the kind of nightmare that starts off as a happy dream and turns bad.

  • Yay for Xander punching the clown. I love the impulsivity and inconsistency of his character. Perhaps because I relate.

  • The swarm of giant bees reminds me of the children's book The Giant Jam Sandwich.

  • Why doesn't Buffy go evil as a vamp? I would have loved for the episode to go differently from that point. What would have happened if she'd popped out of the ground ready to kill the gang?

  • Recurring nightmares. Do you have them? What are they? I finally don't have them anymore, haven't for several years, but I used to. When I was a teenager, the dream was me being swung around in circles over a witch's fire. It was very orange and black, and I was always nauseous (what with the swinging around and all). I also had the archetypal forgetting where class was, realizing I hadn't attended all semester, forgetting my locker combination. Oh wait, that last one happened for real. Pretty regularly.


Nightmares Wallpaper (shareable for anyone who wants it)

Click for bigger.


Nightmares Drabble

Nightmares – It’s All About the Girl


Mrs. Summers, this is principal Snyder. I’m afraid I have some bad news. Your daughter has picked her last fight and flouted her last school rule. As of this afternoon, she is expelled from Sunnydale High School. I will be making her permanent record available to other schools in the area, should they request a reference. Good day, Mrs. Summers.


You’re getting married? You? And Xander? Now? Before you’ve even finished high school? But I thought … I mean I… and you… well, there’s something…

Sorry, Mr. Vampypants, it’s gonna be me and the Buffster happily ever after.


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