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Maybe it's a vampire bat

Mostly Filler, Installment #11
1:11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight


unseen and crazy
out for popular revenge
flute playing trickster


Funniest Moment:

"Me, me me! It's all about me!" And sure enough, it is.


Favorite Character: Cordelia

I just can't help myself. And instead of trying to explain why, we'll just do the ever-popular Cordy Quote-a-thon.

No, C for Wilma, Little Brain.
I don't think I need the loony fringe vote.
My eyes are Hazel, Helen Keller.
Behold the weirdness.
...with you being so weird and all, hanging out with these total losers.
I was kind of hoping you were in a gang.

The epitome of insensitve. After all, tact is just not saying true stuff. And then her whole "it's so lonely to be me" speech. Too funny. And worrying about her prom pictures when her date's been beaten up? Wow. So she's not my favorite in a let's be best friends sort of way, but she's just so godawful, that you know she's got some growing to do. (Of course, when that happens, many of us realize that the tactless, biotch Cordy was really a lot less pedantic, but that's a musing for another day.)


Best Dressed: Buffy

Behold the cuteness. I'm not normally a fan of pink, but this fabric is just yummy. I love that skirt length - so much better than this season's "is that a skirt or a belt?" thing Buffy has going on. Plain white T-shirt, but very feminine - gotta love that. This outfit is casual in a going to school sort of way, so much more logical than some of the less practical ensembles she sports throughout this season.

Worst Dressed: Cordelia and Harmony

Whoa, this is just too much seafoam green nausea in one place. I love monochrome outfits - but not in pastels. Ugh. And furthermore, why does Harmony have that lime green scarf with those pants? I just don't get it.


Musings, in no particular order:

  • Hmmm, the first invisibility episode. I would have liked to see Marcie come back later. She could have fit into any subsequent season as a black hat or a white hat. Could have been working for the initiative. Could have been a potential. Could have been just incidental somewhere. Darn it.

  • While the "be my deputy" scene was awfully funny, it was painful, too. I mean, who hasn't been there, with that outsider, I am the biggest dork, feeling?

  • And speaking of that feeling, why on earth does our heroine still give two hoots what Cordelia thinks? Has she not yet figured out her extreme coolness factor? Come on, Buffy, pay attention.

  • Snyder. "There are no dead students here...this week." I can't help feeling sorry for the guy.

  • Harmony would not have tumbled the whole way down that flight of stairs. Give me a break.

  • The first (I think) indication that Xander's family is a little dysfunctional: "Do you guys even have a stove?"

  • Giles love! The guy all of a sudden has new respect for Angel when he offers to find him a book. Holy geek. And, "Once again, I teeter at the precipice of the generation gap." Ah, he has such a way with words.

  • I sincerely doubt that the little tape player with the flute tape in it would have sounded the whole way upstairs.

  • So, invisibility. I'll tell you what I wouldn't do, and that's make a little house in the ceiling. Ugh. What would you do? I want to know.


Out of Mind, Out of Sight Icons - Willow and Xander goodness!

(simple ones - basically just crops - totally shareable, can be used as bases)


Out of Mind, Out of Sight Drabble

What would you do if you could be invisible? A serious talk between slayer and watcher.

Well, I can’t say as I’ve given the possibility any thought, actually.

Come on, Giles, after the whole Marcie deal? You must have, a little. Xander wanted to sneak into the museum and see if the dinosaurs come alive at night. And our ever-adventurous Willow wanted to get her hands on her mom’s off-limits psychology books.

And you, Buffy? You’d use invisibility to enhance your slaying, no doubt?

Sure! The vampires wouldn’t know what hit ‘em. They’d be like, I smell a slayer, but where? You know, because of how evil things can smell stuff? And then, poof, dusty goodness.


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