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...but he was eaten!

Mostly Filler, Installment #9

1:9 Puppet Show


organ harvest ew

inanimate or alive

many wiggins had


Funniest Moment:

I actually found this whole episode pretty hilarious, but the end here is priceless.

"I don't get it."


Favorite Character: Cordelia

Cordy really has her funny on in this one. There's the "something wrong with my hair!" moment. And the, "Ew, even Mrs. Franklin?" And don't forget, "But I didn't do the part with the sparklers."


Best Dressed: Buffy

What can I say? I'm a total sucker for basic black and and updo.

Worst Dressed: Xander/Willow/Buffy

This trio of outfits is just,,,,wow. Poor Xander. Usually he's got the shirts of weirdness, and sometimes I like them, sometimes not. But here the poor guy just has road-sign-looking pajamas. And Willow, it's just too much. I mean, I like fabrics and patterns and sometimes mixing them in an unconventional way. But the fuzzy stripes with whatever those pants are is seriously making me seasick. And as for Buffy, a leopard-print mini-dress is just a bad idea, period. If I had to pick a winner (worst dressed, that is), it'd probably be Willow. But it's the combination of all three together that makes me wonder.


Musings, in no particular order

  • Enter Principal Snyder. Oh, he's fun. You can never really decide how to feel about him, at least I can't. He's obviously somewhat of a jackass who doesn't like kids. (I'm not equating those two traits, by the way - perfectly nice people can be not especially fond of children.) Principal Snyder's funny moment: "...that's the kind of wooly-headed liberal thinking that leads to being eaten." Principal Snyder's what the hey moment: He catches Buffy at the locker, tells her to go home and then walks away. When will these principals learn not to walk away from someone who's up to something? (I guess I'm stifling the plot here, eh?)

  • I laugh every time when Buffy sinks down into the auditorium seat and the tuba simultaneously sounds a low note. Well, right, all tuba notes are low. Still, it's funny.

  • Holy cardigan, batman! Giles is wearing a sweater instead of tweed for once.

  • I love it when Xander saves the day. It happens pretty often, but it's always sort of low-key, not all bravado like when anyone else is the day-saver.

  • Where the frilly heck was everyone during the demon fight scene at the end??

  • So Sid thinks Buffy is the demon. This is a nice bit of groundwork/foreshadow/whatever you want to call it for the eventual revelation of where slayer power comes from.


Puppet Show Icons (shareable for anyone who wants them)


Puppet Show Drabble

Morgan finds Sid

After the diagnosis, Morgan’s dad had tried unsuccessfully to cope with the stress of the hospital visits, the failed treatments, and ultimately the idea that his son would probably not live long enough to attend college. Now Morgan and his mom were just trying to enjoy life, before the brain tumor got the best of him. They spent a lot of time together, talking, bird watching, window shopping. Morgan rarely asked for anything on their shopping trips, so when he’d pointed to the wooden dummy on the antique store shelf, she’d laughed. Sure, why not? It’s a little creepy, though.


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