Monday, February 4, 2008

I checked the shrub box

Mostly Filler, Installment 22
2:10 What's My Line, part two
read slayer handbook
check in for watcher's orders
um, not this slayer
Funniest Moment:
No, he's good now.
Giles is so dry. I love that.
Favorite Character: Xander
True, this isn't a Xander-centric episode, but he gets his share of excitement. For one thing, it's the official start of Xander/Cordy, which is one of my favorite ships of all time. And he's just so Xander-like in this episode. I have a plan. We wait. Buffy saves us. That's pretty much his plan throughout. Angel's our friend. Except I don't like him. Yeah, that's pretty much a theme for all time, too, in the world of Xander. You just want to hug him.
Best Dressed: Willow
Adorable. With the rainbow and the fuzzy sweater and the tights. Just adorable.
Worst Dressed: (also) Willow
There's cute, and then there's no-wonder-they're-always-donning-hideously-ugly-sunglasses-on-this-show. You'd have to to be able to look at this outfit.
Musings, in no particular order:
  • I like Kendra, and I like the idea of the next slayer being called when Buffy died, but I'm having logic issues here. If Kendra's watcher sent her to Sunnydale, wouldn't she have known about Buffy? If the slayer died and came back to life, wouldn't that be big news in watcher world? Ditto for a new slayer being called.
  • LOL at What's the flum? Remind me to say that more often.
  • Kendra's lipstick is the exact color of a shade of Premo clay, rusty red or some such thing.
  • Cordelia's revelation that she is in fact both a winter and a summer cracks me up every time. When I was in middle school, my mom and I were so into the whole Color Me Beautiful deal. We had fabric swatches and parties and a good old time. I'm a summer, by the way.
  • I love the camera shot of Drusilla through the lace. Fabulous. I think Drusilla is a winter.
  • Eb diminished 9, eh? I intended to learn to play the guitar in college. In music for elementary school teachers (which is very funny to someone who's just changed from being a music major) we could choose piano, guitar or autoharp. Well, obviously I wasn't about to play the autoharp. But in the end I got too busy and did the lazy playing of the instrument I already knew how to play. That was stupid. Therefore, I still can't play the guitar.
  • Why does Drusilla keep a stash of holy water? In case she's feeling masochistic? Yesterday, there was an outing to some cute little shops with gifts and candy and art and yarn and whatnot. The candy shop had hot chocolate mix labeled "holy chocolate" with the claim that every grain had been blessed. Blessed by what, I do not know. But it made me laugh and think to myself - ooh, secret vampire weapon.
  • Why is Drusilla still mourning her family and blaming Angel? She's evil, so she should be happy about it, right? Then again, Dru is crazy, so things aren't always right side up.
  • I wish this episode had Jenny. Then again, I wish that about most episodes.
  • On the bright side, it did have Oz, and I love Oz. I mock you with my monkey pants. All monkeys are French...


What's My Line part two Wallpaper (shareable)


What's My Line part two Drabble

The Slayer Handbook, Chapter 3, Section 8, If Your Watcher is Injured

Sometimes in the course of your supervision, your watcher may sustain injuries. After all, a watcher is not imbued with the supernatural strength with which you, the slayer, have been blessed. Do not endeavor to save your watcher, unless to do so would mean to continue in your normal course of killing a vampire or demon. Only after danger has passed should you tend to the needs of your watcher. Then, of course, you should do everything you can to get him to safety – remember that the resources of the council are limited, and your watcher is a valuable commodity.


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