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Enough with the hyperbole!

Mostly Filler, Installment #3

1:3 The Witch


mom distracted or

one step past vicarious

teenagers troubled


Funniest Moment:

Again, an episode not riddled with hilarious. But again, Willow saves the day.

"But why would anyone want to hurt Cordelia?" "Maybe because they met her?"

You said it, girlfriend. Anyone else remember convincing everyone (and yourself) that you really didn't like those girls? That they were pompous and annoying and not too bright anyway? That you were in no way jealous of their looks and their friends and their success? That you would never spend that much time on your hair, what a waste?

Isn't is good to not be a teenager!


Favorite Character: Joyce

This episode is our real introduction to the mom of the Buff, and she's all right. First of all, she's an artsy type. I'm so glad Buffy has a mom who owns a gallery rather than a mom who's an ad exec or a lawyer or something. That detail lets you know she might end up having some soul. Secondly, she's a totally believable mom. She's wrapped up in her own thing, yes, and plenty insecure about starting over in a new town, but she loves her kid, and she's doing the best she can. This episode makes me anxious to see more of mom and get to know her. Fortunately, we will. Later.


Best Dressed: Amy

The peace plaid outfit. Tie dye with plaid with a cute little cardigan. All in shades of pink and lavender, which I hate. But she totally pulls off the hippie look. (I tried the same outfit, but sadly, all I managed to pull off was the hippo look.)

Worst Dressed: Cordelia

Why, oh why? Honey, I know you can't see now, but you could still see when you got up this morning, right? I don't care what decade it is or how close you live to the beach. I have never been and will never be in favor of tying one's shirt in a knot in the front.


Musings, in no particular order:

  • The best opener so far. "...instead you enslave yourself to this cult." heehee

  • It pains me to see Willow accompanying Xander and Buffy to cheerleading tryouts, and everywhere else, for that matter. She loves him, and he loves Buffy. I feel your pain, Willow. And then I feel poor Xander's pain when he finally works up the nerve to ask her out and she gets distracted by something more interesting (which in Buffy's world = just about anything). Do we have to prolong this for another episode? Don't you just want the poor schmuck to get officially rejected so we, I mean he, can move on already?

  • Giles love: 1) If I'm not mistaken, this is the first official getting-knocked-out for Giles. The first of many. He pulls off the slapstick pretty well with the constant getting thrown about and knocked unconscious. 2) He barges right into Amy's house with none of that namby-pamby civilized nonsense, doesn't he? Ah, so there's a little tough guy there. When will we see more of that? I can't wait. 3) And between that and doing his first spell and tucking his jacket under Buffy's head for a pillow, it's pretty clear that the slayer is already more than a job for him. Aw, Giles, you're so faceted. 4) One Giles nitpick: I don't think the real Giles would have shoved the items off the chest so violently to get to the spell book. He would have picked them up and placed them aside. He might have shoved 20 knick-knacks, but there were only two. It's just not his way. 5) "...the thrill of living on a hellmouth...a veritable cornucopia..."

  • And speaking of the spell book, this show really is all about books, isn't it? We start off with the library and the Vampyr book, and then the key to the case is the witch's book, and soon even the undead will need to do some research. Books are good.

  • And here you have it - the introduction to the somewhat, uh, completely, inaccurate Buffy version of witchcraft. I tried to get all up in arms with the wicca folks about the misrepresentation and the complete un-relationship the buffywitch (mmm, buffywich...) has with a real witch/wicca practitioner/pagan person, but I had a hard time. I just don't care about religion, wicca included. I think it's all made, so one version is as good as the next as far as I'm concerned. Besides, if you're watching thinking you might spontaneously combust because someone cast a spell on you, well, perhaps you need a reality check. But what if it were my religion being misrepresented, you ask? I don't have one, and that's all I can answer. Sometimes I'm callous and strange.

  • Xander gets funny. Just like that, he starts being an entertaining character. It's like the first two episodes were a trial run, and once it was established that he might be able to pull off a line, they went to town. "For I am Xander, king of cretins. May all lessers cretins bow before me." "We're right behind you, only further back."

  • Amy love: I wish we could have seen more of this character, although it looks like we might in comic book land. But it's not the same. "Oh how I hate this, let me count the ways." "I know I'll miss the intellectual thrill of spelling out words with my arms."

  • Here's my what the hey moment for this episode. I'm having trouble seeing. So I get in the driver's ed car and hit the gas? Wouldn't I crawl slowly and squint? Just sayin'.


TheWitch Icons (shareable for anyone who wants them)


The Witch Drabble

Waking up in the wrong body – yikes!
Amy opened her eyes, yawned, and turned to see the clock. 10:30?! Why hadn’t her alarm gone off? Her mom was going to be pissed, and fat chance of getting a ride to school. Wait a minute. That wasn’t her clock. Amy sat up. Wait a minute. This wasn’t her bedroom. She reached to pull her hair away from her clammy neck. Wait a minute. That wasn’t her hair. Or her neck.

She froze, confused and terrified, and then bolted to the bathroom mirror, where her mother’s face looked back at her, horrified.

Oh my god, I’ve been freaky Friday-ed!


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