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Mostly Filler, Installment #2

1:2 The Harvest

jesse turned undead

the first apocalypse threat

buffy saves the day
Funniest Moment:

"Just hit deliver."

Compared to the first episode, this one was pretty sadly lacking in humor. It was mildly amusing, however, when Willow got a moment of revenge on the in-crowd girls.
Favorite Character: Willow

She's poignant. She's clever. She doesn't want her precious Xander to go vampire chasing and maybe get hurt. Aw.

"...when I accidentally decrypted the city security system..." heehee brainy
Best Dressed: Angel

This is before the days when Angel's wardrobe consists of black on black and then maybe some more black. He's suave man here with the plain old white button down and the sleek jacket. Not bad.

Worst Dressed: Xander

(although Cordelia in that ridiculous cut-off sweater at the Bronze runs a close second)

Are those mushrooms?
Musings, in no particular order

  • Well, it's a good thing my first Buffy experience consisted of watching the entire second season three times in a row. If I had started at the beginning, I think this episode would have lost me. Weak writing, no real funnies, and not the best acting I've ever seen, either. With the expection of Willow, who was pretty fabulous.

  • Despite all those things, my main beef with this episode is the whole (albeit fairly teeny) Jesse arc. OK, yes, Jesse is annoying. No need to keep him on the show. But if they've all been friends for the past however many years, shouldn't Willow and Xander be, you know, a little traumatized maybe when he, A, dies, B, gets turned into the evil undead, and C, dies? The episode ends and it's all la di dah, I wonder what adventures we'll have next. I suppose they were trying to set up the whole selective memory problem that the Sunnydale moms, and really everyone else, seem to to have, but it just doesn't ring true for me.

  • Would Luke - been around for a century or two, toughest vamp on the block - really have been repelled by Buffy's teeny weeny cross? And if he really would, then maybe it's not the size of the cross that matters but some other quality, like what it's made of or who's wearing it or if it's been blessed by the local priest??

  • So glad Darla was not the vessel. Imagine if we'd been deprived of the upcoming Darla goodness. I mean she's worth watching for the hair alone. And then there's Darla and Dru, and Darla and Angel, and the flashbacks... I mean, nevermind, we're only on episode two.

  • "They're going to the Bronze." Thus Xander begins his career of being "the one who sees."

  • "There is no cause for alarm. Actually, there is cause for alarm." Creepy. This reminds me somewhat comically of that scene in The Princess Bride when Fezzik does his dread pirate Roberts impression: "My men are here! I am here! But soon *you* will not be here!"

  • "They'd only come with guns." In our world, the one with the gun is always the winner. Not so in Buffyworld. There are things older, stronger, and scarier.

  • "That was a bit...British...wasn't it?" heehee Giles

The Harvest Icons (shareable for anyone who wants them)

The Harvest Drabble

Because I think we should have been sadder, here’s my nod to Jesse.

Jesse was the kid people didn’t have tons of patience for. The teachers mostly yelled at him; the students mostly ignored him. He could be overbearing, his jokes tended to flop, and his fashion sense, well… But Xander remembered some good times with Jesse. Like in fourth grade when they almost missed the bus home from the field trip because they were hiding from that museum guard. And more recently, when they’d sat at the coffee shop drawing their own comics – Willow was their spellchecker – Starbabes just wouldn’t be the same without Jesse. Xander was going to miss his friend.


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