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...and you were saying something about a beast?

Mostly Filler, Installment #4

1:4 Teacher's Pet


cryptic guy fork guy

cannibal preying mantis

substitute teacher


Funniest Moment:

"Every day here is the same." Possibly no one else would vote for this as the funniest moment, but I can so very much relate. I hate the sun. I'll take clouds, or for that matter, the indoors, any day.


Favorite Character: Xander

Why? Let me answer that with a Xander Quote-a-thon.

"Something like a lobotomy?"

"He's a very attractive man."

"Guess that's what they call a rehearsal."

"Oh, this is fun. We're on monster island."

"Forgiveness is my middle name. Actually it's Lavelle..."

(drugged) "Buffy. I love Buffy."

"You were right. I'm an idiot. God bless you."

Plus, the whole living room scene.

It took him a few episodes to settle into the character, but in this episode Nicholas Brendan really shines.


Best Dressed: Miss French, aka evil preying mantis demony chick

It's a known fact. You simply cannot go wrong with the LBD.


Worst Dressed: Buffy

Where do I start with the bad? Shirt too short. Pants too yellow. Both look like Wal-Mart fabric. She does look awfully cute in Angel's leather jacket, though. Aw.


Musings, in no particular order:

  • The dress and make-up Buffy wears in Xander's fantasy world cracks me up.

  • What exactly is a "permanent record?" What goes on it? Where does it end up? Could someone seriously tell me this, because I have no idea, and I'm curious.

  • I got so excited the first time around that there was going to be a grown-up who thought Buffy was an OK chick. And then with the beheading. Damn it.

  • I start to feel nauseous when Xander forgets where the science room is. I still occasionally have that recurring dream. (And I haven't been in high school for mmmfffmmm years!) There's no substitute teacher in my dream, though. It's just all about me somehow not remembering where my classes are in a very small school where I go every day. Hmmm.

  • OK, so insect lady has to label her Tupperware "food," which leads me to wonder what else she keeps in little plastic containers with blue lids. I have to label my food so I don't accidentally pick up my...what? instead. Insect craft supplies? Nuts and bolts? What?

  • Principal Flutie and his see a counselor speech - priceless.

  • "Her fashion sense screams predator." "It's the shoulder pads." hehe

  • "Giles, while we're young." Lots of things to say about this one little line. First of all, how cute is Giles with his passion for the subject matter? I can so relate to that. You love it. You want to share every interesting detail, you're so excited, and yawn, no on else cares. Secondly, it shows how cavalier Buffy still is about him and the slaying. He's past the point of no return, already completely emotionally attached to her, but she's not there yet. This is still a wacky adventure for her (it will end any day now, right?), and he's still a stuffy old eccentric British guy. Nice setup for their relationship.

  • Two runners up for funniest moments: 1. The gigantic insect says, "Call me Natalie." 2. The wrong side of the tape has Giles dictating nerdy notes. Aw.

  • Angel shows the first signs of being cute and possibly mattering in the slightest with his sweet smile at the end.

  • The Superfine song Already Met You, I now know, because I looked it up and read the lyrics, is about meeting the "same" person over and over again. Paraphrase: You're drab, you're dull, you have no passion or soul, you're so very mundane, and you're just like the rest of them. But I'll keep trying, because "I still believe it gets better than this." So on a tangent, I ask this. Why is it that so many people settle for someone who's so not right for them? It just leads to heartache later. Are we that lonely and insecure that we think the right person won't show up? Why don't we say I already met you, and dude, you're not the one?


Teacher's Pet Icons (shareable for anyone who wants them)


Teacher's Pet Drabble

Cordy visits the school guidance counselor

Cordelia Chase. She’s the one the wannabe girls follow around. I’ve watched them in the halls, bouncing along behind her, ducklings with shiny hair. I don’t remember that many vacant airheads from my high school days. Kids are getting dumber. Or maybe I’m just getting old. Can’t wait for career day. What college should I go to? College, give me a break. Just get yourself a husband, a pretty house and lifetime supply of diet Coke. Next, please.

Wait. Did she say diet??

“Ah yes, well, Cordelia, thank you for stopping in. I think you’re going to be just fine.”


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