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Mostly Filler, Installment #6

1:6 The Pack


library gets trashed

kids get hyena whammy

rupert gets knocked out


Funniest Moment:

Well, if you didn't think I was a freak before, you surely do now. But this moment cracks me up every time. There's something just hilarious about the photo of poor Principal Flutie disguising the horror of him being eaten alive by a pack of incredibly tall and well-dressed hyena-possessed high school students.


Favorite Character: Willow

She's so fragile and vulnerable. I guess knowing what she grows into makes her all the more beautiful and poignant at this point in the story.


Best Dressed: Willow

I didn't get a great screen shot of this outfit, but I just love her cute little outfits of sweaters, skirts, tights and sneakers. So. Adorable. And I love the bright colors and especially the texture of the sweater. Hey, I like fabric, OK?

Worst Dressed: Giles

OK, well, I didn't really like the scarf. But this picture is just so yummy that obviously I was wrong. Giles can make even a tweed jacket and clashing tie and scarf patterns look good.


Musings, in no particular order

  • Willow being so heartsick over Xander episode after episode gets to me way more than the whole Buffy/Angel deal ever will.

  • Transpossession. Whatever. But it does raise an interesting question, which I hope anyone who reads this will comment on. What about animals and spirits? Do you believe animals have spirits or souls?

  • Here's an interesting bit. When Jesse turned all grrr and confident, suddenly Cordelia dug him. When Buffy encounters the animalistic version of Xander, however, the same effect does not occur. She wants no parts of Mr. Controlling. So perhaps our Buffy is a bit more emotionally mature than she seems at first glance.

  • I'm always sad that Principal Flutie has to go so soon. He's so adorable and hilarious.

  • Here begins the semi-weekly trashing of the library. Who fixes it all the time?

  • Why, I ask you, do evil things (like vampires, demons, and apparently hyena people) always have superior smelling capabilities?

  • I love the bonding moment with Xander and Giles at the end. "Your secret dies with me." Aw. Giles is starting to love the slayerettes, too. Aw.

  • Here's my beef with this episode: Throughout the series, it's always such a huge big deal to kill a human. That's as it should be, in fact, that's one of the major points of the show, I think. But then how was it OK for the zoo guy to get tossed in to the hyena cage to get eaten? Yes, he was surely a misguided jackass, but he was human, right? And no one ever says boo about it. That just doesn't seem right to me.


The Pack FanArt Banner (shareable - click for full size)

I know this episode is all about Xander, but there were so many beautiful Buffy/Willow pictures that I had to go with it. The rainbow is not meant to be significant, I just like colors.


The Pack Drabble

Principal Flutie moves to Sunnydale - not his best idea ever, apparently

He hadn’t wanted to move to Sunnydale. In fact, he’d heard that the town had an unusually high death rate, among other anomalies. But he figured that was nonsense, and besides, it wasn’t easy to find a principal job, even with his shiny new degree. He knew that one more year of teaching middle school social studies would surely make him suicidal – or more likely, homicidal – so he and mom said goodbye to Seattle and rented a small condo in the next town. A few years here maybe, and then on to a better district. How hard could it be?


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Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about that all demons on Buffy seemed to have a superior sense of smell. I don't remember if Clem have a superior sense of smell. After all, he was a "harmless" demon. I suppose that he did anyway.

Well, enough of my babble. Great blog and Buffy reviews!