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I'm a slayer - ask me how!

Mostly Filler, Installment #5

1:5 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date


wants to date owen

thinks she thwarts apocalypse

she shall not know him


Funniest Moment:

They took the "seen from the perspective of the inside of the fridge" that we've seen a million times in commercials and altered it a bit. "Seen from the inside of the body drawers at the morgue" cracks me up every time.


Favorite Character: Buffy

Yep, Buffy herself. Poor thing, she just wants to be normal. But instead it's all morgues and risen from the dead and cool boys turning out to be not what she'd hoped for. Oh wait, that last part's normal, isn't it?

"A cranky slayer is a careless slayer."

"If the apocalypse comes, beep me."


Best Dressed: Willow

It's at the very end, and we only get to see it for a moment, but I am totally in love with this outfit. It's the perfect outfit.

Worst Dressed: Cordelia/Buffy

It's a tie. On one hand, that target shirt was just a bit too obvious - no subtle metaphor there. Also, it's blue and shiny. And on the other hand (or is that the very same hand), crimped hair?? Ugh. I seem to recall having a hair crimper in middle school, actually. Tell no one.


Musings, in no particular order

  • Giles dealing with a teenaged girl (and actually a whole slew of teenagers) is a comedy, and it makes me wonder what Watcher training was like? Did they just read their stuffy books and look at pictures of demons and vampires? Did a special trainer come in to teach them about adolescent angst? Or did they just have a one-day seminar that consisted of watching several episodes of 90210 and taking notes? And can't you just imagine a British sit-com called "The Council"? Well, we can dream.

  • Oh, Xander, you are a wreck, with your tweety watch and your truly heroic attempts at nonchalance. "Well, sure, he's got a certain Owenosity..."

  • About the Master's lair. Are those magic, everlasting candles, or does the Master have sewer maids who come every Tuesday to mop the floors and replace the candles?

  • Cordelia gets the brush off, a couple of times, actually. My theory is that this is why she eventually joins (more or less) the Scooby gang. Whether she knows it or not, this is where she begins to respect Buffy, and this is where she starts to be a little curious about how someone like Buffy might manage to have friends, boys and librarians giving her way more than the time of day.

  • Willow and Xander's little "we're dating now" ploy. Sigh. I just can't help but feel Willow's pain. She's in love with her friend, can't move forward, can't move back. Stuck with the same jabbing all day every day.

  • Maybe it's my extreme aversion to religious fanatics, but the whole "He is risen in me. Pork and beans." moment creeps me out. A lot.


Never Kill a Boy Icons (shareable for anyone who wants them)


Never Kill a Boy Drabble

I was going to be a fighter pilot – or possibly a grocer

Rupert opened the syllabus and skimmed.
Vampires: origins and current geographical concentration
The Old Ones: demons from ancient times to the present
The Vampire Slayer: her power and heritage

Fifteen years later:
Rupert opened the envelope. He’d been assigned the next slayer. Her name was Buffy (Buffy?!) and she lived in the United States. He’d never been. But he was confident and very pleased at the prospect of doing some real good in the world. His training had been thorough, and he was ready.

But no amount of training could have prepared him for her. She was the strangest girl.


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