Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm planning to be witty

Mostly Filler, Installment #8

1:8 I Robot, You Jane


she can't have Xander

demon on the internet

wreaks Willow havoc


Funniest Moment:

"We were fighting." Leave it to Giles to ignore someone so clearly fabulous to go get researchy.


Favorite Character: Jenny

Might as well re-title this sucker "Ode to Jenny" because I get so excited when she finally shows up. It's definitely time to introduce a new grown-up, and a hip, youngish one at that. She puts the G-man right in his place - so adorable. "I'll be back in the middle ages." " Did you ever leave?" and "Wrong and wrong again, snobby." and "That's not where I dangle it."


Best Dressed: Jenny

See above, re renaming. Black and white. Hot hot hot.


Worst Dressed: Buffy

Seriously? Two fur coats in one episode? In Southern California? And also - ugly.


Musings, in no particular order:

  • Kayless? Isn't that kling-on for god?

  • I liked the concept of a demon being trapped in a book, and therefore in modern times the internet, but it wasn't really executed that well. This was not one of my favorite plots, except for the new J/G story starting.

  • Willow has a picture of Giles in her locker. How sweet is that?

  • The scoobies all have their fair share of funniness. B - He's gone binary on us. W - He doesn't talk like somebody who would have a hairy back. X - ...elderly Dutch chatroom.

  • Dave is a little disturbing. I guess he's meant to be. But he seems to be like he's from Texas, not California. Maybe he is.

  • Yay for Willow's bravery. Hey, I don't wanna be corrupted!

  • The last scene is just so precious. The three have bonded. Misery is shared.

  • This one's not a favorite episode, so the musings are short. Some days are like that.


I Robot, You Jane Wallpaper (shareable)


I Robot, You Jane Drabble

Jenny on the phone with a friend that night.

Mr. Giles? That weird librarian from England?

Really, he’s not that weird. I mean he’s a bit of a fuddy-duddy, and he doesn’t even know how to turn on a computer. But he’s smart, you know? Sexy smart. Besides, this town doesn’t have much to offer in the men department.

Jenny hung up the phone and laughed out loud. She hadn’t felt this way in a long time. She felt a little giddy – when was the last time that had happened? But you’re here in Sunnydale for a reason, Jenny. You have a job to do, don’t you forget it.


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